Does He Love Me Does He Love Me Quiz?

Does He Really Love me ?

   ~I want to know why, when girls see a guy they have a crush on, they tremble and get all dumbfounded completely focused on that crush. Love is something else, huh?  DOES HE LOVE ME does he love me quiz, Maybe love quizzes will help? Ha. Want signs he loves you?

    We all have that common feeling that whenever a girl sees a guy she likes, she ponders about that guy constantly!  We all know what love is (Ha), it is the original word for peace. Love is the product of peace. The absence of all fear.  If you had that peace in your heart and mind, would you still need to ask the question "Does he love me" ?  or how to know a man loves you? or does he truly love me?

   The question ,“Does he love me?”,  along with the theories and facts about the question, are hard to comprehend in its entirety. It will take most women a life time to figure it out. Why? Hmmmm! Good question! Well all men show love differently. A man may love you with all his heart but hasn't learned a way to show it. Maybe it stems from his dad? 

   You are the one that has to know if he loves you unconditionally. I mean has he stuck with you through many trials? Even when leaving would be easier! Maybe he does not come out and say honey I really love you but shows it through working and providing because that's what he knows to do. Love from one person to another varies tremendously.  One man for a woman maybe all, like, googly googly and smoochy smoochy, while another may feel that it is inappropriate to show affection in public. Who knows what goes through mens heads?

   I have found that if you watch for signs from men then you can pretty much read them like a book with so me exceptions of course.   You Know your man. You know if he is cheating. You know if he is lying to you. You must have honesty as the foundation for your love. Even if you have been together for years, you can have true love, if both of you are honest from this day forward. No matter what! Nothing takes away from Loving a person like a lie.


   Oftentimes, the question, “Does he love me?” comes to mind.

Whether you are in a relationship with a man or it is someone you know, you are going to find yourself wondering this as you notice him looking at you, talking to you more, wanting to be around you, and just looking more attractive to you. There are so many times when you are going to start thinking that he may love you, and it is imperative that you know some of the signs. This will help you to figure out how to approach the situation and whether you should approach him about it. To see if he may be looking your way, read below on some tips and hints.

Attention is not always verbal:

Sometimes, more visual attention is actually a sign that he likes you more and more. Looking your way and looking into your eyes are both reliable signs that he is more interested in you romantically, and that he may love you. If you are not in a relationship with him currently, but notice that he cannot keep his eyes off you, then he may have fallen for you or he may be falling for you. For a current relationship, this might mean that his feelings for you are strengthening, turning into love rather quickly.

Another way to give you more attention is through physical contact:

You might wonder, “Does he love me?” because of how often he is reaching out to touch you in small, simple ways or how often he is trying to be close physically without any attempt to go further. He is simply wanting to be around you, showing you affection and enjoying your company. He might put his hand on you for small, light touches, he might stay closer to you both in private and public, and he might hold you closer to cuddle when you are alone.

Many men will have you meeting friends and family:

Once things are becoming more serious, once they feel that they start to love you they bring you around family and friends. When he begins to bring you into his personal life, introducing you to the people who matter most, then he feels that there is a possibility for a future.

Becoming more considerate to keep you happy is another part of falling in love. He might get things you like, compromise, see things your way, or keep your stuff around more often than he did before. He knows that both your needs and his matter, and he is trying to find a way to keep both of you happy. You may start wondering, “Does he love me?” because of the extra care he is taking to make you happy. It seems as if he is doing more than he normally does, he is being more aware of your personal needs and interests, and he is trying to do what he can to make you smile.

He may also speak to you more about your interests, take your opinion into consideration more often, and try to learn as much about you as he can. He is trying to see deeper into your life and personality because he cares about you. There is this desire to learn more about your life and what you like, to see more of the person that he loves. Asking questions, asking for your input, and attempting to learn more about you are all part of that role. Part of speaking with you, of learning more about you, also has to do with the future.

One way to figure out that he is in love with you is by seeing how he views the future of the relationship in everyday terms and conversations. You might find that he is talking about plans together soon or even long-term, and that he is wondering where you want to take the relationship. He feels comfortable with speaking about what you guys are going to do for a while down the road and not just over the next weekend.

There are plenty more signs, too. It all has to do with how he acts around you, how he reacts to certain situations, and how he feels. If you are asking yourself, “Does he really love me?” then take a good look at him and what he does or says. You may find that he is answering your question without actually saying that he loves you outright. Of course, there are times when he does, and that is always a good way to know how he truly feels about you


    I hope that in the end - when you finally find that someone you deserve then you will be able to say finally I know he loves me!!!!  WOW.  Its because of his grand plan that we are able to find that absence of all fear and know true love.